About us

Louis & Victorie is a family French brand of children clothing from 3 months to 8 years.
We have designed a pretty, classical but stylish collection. The aim of the brand is to offer a high quality of our products but at affordable prices. Children are growing so fast we shouldn’t waste a fortune to have them stylish.
All the clothes are manufactured at Madagascar, where the family came from.
Heloise is a French mum of 4, who has been living in London since 2013.
Her personal goal is to find a good balance between family life and work.
After a French experience as paralegal, she stopped working when she had her third child and enjoyed the time of childhood.
The fashion industry has always fascinated Heloise, and becoming a mum didn’t change that, but obviously she spent more money on kids clothes instead of adult clothes…So she decided to take part into a fantastic adventure!!! and is extremely proud to be a part of a small business.